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Why Affiliate Marketing Is the Best Choice for Newbie Marketers?


When I started to research how to start my journey in the online world, I discovered several practical ways.


However, the more I researched, the more I realized how difficult this was going to be.


I didn't have a product and I was in no position to produce one.


I looked into drop shipping and wholesalers who were prepared to drop ship their products, and I found a few.


Because I didn't understand how the web worked with regards to website marketing, none of my efforts seemed to be working.


No one was able to find my site and I was a marketing failure.


Because my site didn't offer anything, I gave up on that idea and continued on my research journey.


I slowly learned about how to market my website, however I wasn't sure if I was ready to stick with drop shipping.


My website costs combined with credit card merchant expenses and plain old competition didn't truly leave me with much revenue.


I realized I still had so much to learn.


At that time I happened to come across affiliate programs.


Affiliate programs can be a great way to promote products and services that you believe in, and you can make money by promoting other people's products.


I relied on people I admired and who promoted affiliate programs, and I realized that this was something that I could do.


This adventure really appealed to me...


As I began to research, I discovered that:


  • the best selling products are informative products, and;

  • the best commissions are in the online marketing products.


Because I was already familiar with establishing a website previously, I decided to establish another site to list all of my affiliate sales items.


By taking this approach, I was able to keep my costs down and still offer a wide variety of products.


However, I fell into the trap that most new web business owners fall into...


Establishing a 'How to Market on the web' website


Since I was familiar with it and I had actually purchased some of the products through my research phase, I liked it.


So, why not? Well, put simply there are excessive competitors in that category.


I still have my site today but my sales are very little.


I provide only products that I trust and a lot of them I utilize however, it's not enough.


I learned that I needed to produce my own products if I truly wanted to succeed in this business.


I discovered that I liked writing and I had a lot to say.


I decided to promote a "one stop shop" e-courses and training that I 'd recommend to someone starting out, particularly because numerous beginners tend to gravitate there.


Affiliate sales can be a really profitable web business if investigated thoroughly and used properly.


In fact, there are great deals of other things that have good marketing potential.


Affiliate marketing can be successfully applied to practically any item on the net.


The idea is to discover something you can offer and promote for merchants that will pay you a commission to offer it.


You do not need to bring stock, collect money, worry about delivery and even have a site (although a site is a good idea), however you're going to have to consider what items best suit you with regard to sales.



I feel that the best way to get started is to offer things that you like.


Things you're excited or passionate about.


It will make it much easier for you to promote something you have an interest in and hopefully, your customers will like it too.


For example, let's say you're an animal lover. Then you most likely know something about this topic.


You could look for a merchant that offers pet products and promote their items on your site or blog through their affiliate programs.


There are many programs like Commission JunctionClickBank, JVZOO, Warrior+, etc... My advice is to sign up for all of them. They are totally free!


The websites you pick can sell other things, however you're focusing on the animal lover niche. Find numerous websites and apply to them all.


A note to the sensible, make sure to check out the affiliate agreements and comprehend their rules. They are not all the very same.


When you've signed up for the programs of your choice, pay per click (PPC) search engines are the best and most convenient way to sell your affiliate items.


Once again, be sure to check out the arrangements as some affiliate programs limit affiliates using their competition on the exact same site.


Research and find out how they work and set up some basic advertisement campaigns to start.


You will also need to research keywords with high demand, cost the least and are the most reliable.


This is a topic for another post, nevertheless time spent and proper extensive research tools such as search term suggestion tools will help keep your costs low and your revenues high.


Do not deviate from your topic and niche if you pick to create a site.


I had to learn:


  • how to write effective product descriptions;
  • how to set up an opt-in form; and,
  • how to drive traffic to my site.


But don't worry, I share many tips and tricks via my newsletter, so make sure to subscribe so you don't miss valuable information.


Getting back to our animal lover example, keep your site concentrated on animal or pet products, don't include images of garden chairs.


The worst mistake you can make is being whatever to everyone.


I know; I've made that error before.


The point is to focus on one thing at a time and make it the best that it can be.


Provide as much details as you can about your topic such as tips, tricks, news and product reviews for the animal lover target market.


If you give your customers valuable details on something, they're more likely to buy it. 


Use your blog to supplement your site by giving even more details about what you're offering.  


Naturally animal lovers is just an example; you can use the exact same principles to couches, bicycles, computer systems, toys or whatever you want.


If researched carefully and used properly, affiliate sales can be an extremely profitable web business.


Again, be sure to check out the agreements as some affiliate programs restrict affiliates using their competitors on the same website.


Affiliate marketing can be a great way for newbie marketers to get started.


It's a low-risk way to learn about marketing, and it can be a great way to make some extra money.


To Your Success!

Nadia Lahyane

Modern entrepreneur

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